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Elkhorn Slough Elasmobranch Project
Project Objectives

This project hopes to expand our understanding of elasmobranch communities for the purpose of education and conservation. Because they are important predators, elasmobranchs play a vital role in the health of the entire Elkhorn Slough community. While much has been learned in recent years, many questions remain to be answered about these amazing creatures.

The general focus of our research since 2002 was to investigate the affect of tides on elasmobranch assemblages and abundances at various points along the Elkhorn Slough. These sampling sites included the main channel at the mouth of the slough and several of the tidal creeks and lagoons throughout the reserve.

Variables for elasmobranchs

  • Species
  • Gender
  • Size (age)
  • Number of individuals

Tide factors

  • Water depth
  • Rate of water movement
  • Direction of water movement (incoming, outgoing, or slack)

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